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Station Island's debut album light is now available to listen to at Spotify


Station Island's debut album Light is out now at Amazon


Next track One More day from our new album Light now available. https://eezy2.co.uk/track/48/station-island-one-more-day The album will be out of all digital channels in the next few months.



We have released our first track Sore Eyes from our up and coming album Light. You can listen to it now at https://eezy2.co.uk/track/39/sore-eyes-by-station-island


Station Island is proud to announce that we have been signed to Dr John's Surgery Records. They will be releasing our first album Light very soon!


Station Island have a new drummer!!! Welcome to Trevor Kennedy who is fitting in very nicely. We will be out and about again before you know it


Unfortunately we have parted way with our drummer Dave Mcgrane :( Great guy and great drummer it's a big loss, but life goes on.

Previous Gigs
Walnut Tree Shade(Supporting Mosaic) 9:00pm Friday 22nd June 2018
King's Arms, North Walsham 9:00pm Saturday 2nd June 2018
Gringos Tequila Bar, Norwich 8:30pm Friday 9th Feb 2018
Gringos Tequila Bar, Norwich 8:30pm Friday 24th Nov 2017
Gringos Tequila Bar, Norwich + Support 8:30pm Friday 22th Sept 2017
Brickfest B2, Norwich 5:20pm Monday 28th August 2017
B2, Norwich + Mule & Pre Dawn 8:00pm Friday 4th August 2017
Cactus Cafe, Norwich 8:30pm Friday 23rd June 2017
Brickmakers, Norwich 8:30pm Monday 15th May 2017