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Gringos Tequila Bar, Norwich 8:30pm Friday 9th Nov 2018
Buxton Bash, TBA TBA Saturday 14th July 2018
Walnut Tree Shade(Supporting Mosaic) 9:00pm Friday 22nd June 2018
King's Arms, North Walsham 9:00pm Saturday 2nd June 2018
Gringos Tequila Bar, Norwich 8:30pm Friday 9th Feb 2018
Gringos Tequila Bar, Norwich 8:30pm Friday 24th Nov 2017
Gringos Tequila Bar, Norwich + Support 8:30pm Friday 22th Sept 2017
Brickfest B2, Norwich 5:20pm Monday 28th August 2017
B2, Norwich + Mule & Pre Dawn 8:00pm Friday 4th August 2017
Cactus Cafe, Norwich 8:30pm Friday 23rd June 2017
Brickmakers, Norwich 8:30pm Monday 15th May 2017

This is the Sound - DEMO

All That I Can - DEMO



Couple of new tracks on the go, he have rehearsed them a couple of times and they are coming together nicely. May get a airing at the next gig.


Work is continuing on the album, most music complete and we have started on the vocals. We are recording 17 tracks an will cut this down to the best 11 or 12.


Another gig at Gringos tonight, 8:30 - 9:00 start so get there early and get the tequila down you!


Work is underway on our first music video, and I have been out and about filming in Lincoln today. We have also put a shout out on Facebook for any video clips anyone may have hanging about we could use.


Next gig booked. We will be returning to Gringo's on Prince of Wales Road, Norwich on Feb 9th 2018. News on support to follow.


Work is underway on our first album with Dave completing his drums on Sunset City, Hands to The Bone, Light ,Down Town, One More and World, whilst Kym has been busy laying down the bass on World and One More Day. Work continues in the new year.